Freight forwarding railway cargo transportation

We are a recognized specialist in the field of railway transportation of goods by railway. With over a decade of experience, we are constantly developing and improving the services we are providing. We are trying to find a special approach to each client and carefully and responsibly treating every shipment. That is why the railway carriage with us is confidence for customers. We provide freight forwarding services, shipping of various cargoes (including oversized).

We know the specifics of the work. Therefore, there are no issues at all with the documentation or with the securing of the cargo. This allows us to ensure prompt delivery.

Our services for railway cargo transportation include:

  • Containers’ railway transport;
  • Railway transportation of consolidated cargoes;
  • Railway transportation of oversized cargo;
  • Railway transportation of vehicles;

• Railway transportation of insulated wagons, wagons-thermoses and refrigerators;