Terminal handling

Our company also provides terminal services in the sphere of cargo handling, transport and storage of various goods. Over the years we have established successful partnerships with many warehouse and terminal complexes throughout the world, whereby terminal processing of cargo and its storage in covered warehouses and open areas is carried at high professional level.

We are the main co-founder of the Shoshtrans Terminal, which is located at Chukursay station.

Our services for terminal handling of cargo include:

  • Large-capacity (heavy duty) containers’ handling including loading/unloading of loaded and empty containers to/from platforms and vehicles;
  • Loading and unloading of various types of cargo from indoor and outdoor railway trains and vehicles to the warehouses and the transshipment of goods from containers into the vehicles;
  • loading/unloading of oversized and heavy cargo railway rolling stock and vehicles, and their subsequent placement into containers (OpenTop, FlatRack, etc.);
  • Packaging of the cargo with special equipment, which allows packing various goods in special integrated packages to ensure the safety of goods during their transport;
  • Loading/unloading operations in the terminal of dangerous goods from the container/wagon transport and closed warehouses;
  • Repair of containers, which include:

– Minor repairs (welding, painting);

– overhaul (detailed verification of the status of the container on all sides (ceiling, side walls, front part of the deaf, doors, floors), welding (patching) holes, corrosion removal and painting, straightening dents, repair of container’s plate number damage (scuffs), replace the lugs on the door;