About us

International Transportation Company “InterRail Services AG” offers you professional logistics solutions and transportation services at competitive prices in different directions. We are the successor of the international transport company “TransRail Tashkent”, formed in May 1996 in Tashkent. Our company is a reliable freight forwarder that provides high quality services in the field of intermodal transportation of all kinds of goods to/from Uzbekistan and CIS countries to Europe, India, China, Iran and South-East Asia.

Cargo transportation is always associated with known risks. To minimize that, it is important to trust a reliable freight company, whose impeccable reputation in the field of logistics is confirmed by the decades of good work.

Our office staff is always provides expert advice on the subject of services of transportation, informs of the arrival of the goods, and selects the best transportation route of cargoes and calculation of the cost of transportation.

For more than twenty years of work we have carried out successful delivery of cargo across more than 2000 cities around the world. Now our company is a deserved leader in the market of transportation services.

Transportation services from “InterRail Services AG” is a guaranteed safety of the cargo during the transportation, clear information support, delivery of goods in almost all directions at the optimum time and carefully calculated cost of transportation.


We glad to offer you the following services:


  • Rail/Shipping/Auto transportation of any cargo to all directions;
  • “Door to Door” delivery;
  • Provision of code instructions;
  • Organization of intermodal transportations;
  • Selection of the optimal route;
  • Tracking and reporting;
  • Freight forwarding;
  • Provision of containers/wagons;
  • The whole range of warehouse services;
  • Assistance in obtaining/preparing of all the necessary documents;
  • Insurance;
  • Consulting on customs clearance issues, methods of delivery, requirements of Railways.

Our Advantages


  • Direct contracts with all the regional Railways of the CIS countries, Europe, China, Iran, and customs brokers at the border crossings and ports
  • We have a wide network of agents (over 150) in the CIS countries, Baltic States, Europe, China, India and Iran
  • Our system of tracking and tracing of cargo allows to daily update the information from Russian railways and the main Railways of the CIS, Europe, China and Iran
  • We cooperate with major shipping companies, port terminals, agents and customs’ brokers
  • We have Own Rolling Stock (SPS) and Container Park, as well as agreements with many of the Rolling Stock’ owners and shipping companies, both in Russia and in Europe
  • We have terminals in Uzbekistan and in Europe, and also in the ports of Bandar Abbas and Nakhodka-Vostochnaya
  • Own block trains on the routes: Berlin – Brest – Aktobe, Yiwu – Madrid, Yiwu – Mazar-e Sharif, Tongchang – Tashkent, Yiwu – Tehran, Tashkent – Nakhodka, Tashkent-Dostyk, Dostyk – Tashkent
  • Efficiently calculated rates and additional services
  • Automated tracking of goods in the CIS
  • Loading and unloading operations
  • Your personal Manager in ‘InterRail Services AG’
  • Qualitative fulfillment of the obligations to the client
  • Achieving coherence at all stages of cargo movement
  • Recommendations on the complex issues of transportation and routes
  • Individual approach
  • Co-financing of the projects and credit facilities in case of large volumes
  • Flexibility and capacity to offer detailed, integrated transportation solution in accordance with customer needs


Our customers in Uzbekistan:


  • GM Uzbekistan
  • Nestle
  • UzCase and UzClass
  • JV Man Auto-Uzbekistan
  • Textile mills (LLC “INDORAMA KOKAND TEXTILE”, LLC Ozkortex, JV LLC MiliGuliston, LLC BFTextile, EuroTex Tashkent, LLC “CHINOZ TEXTILE”, LLC “RUSOZBEKTEKS” and others)
  • Many Private Businesses and Entrepreneurs


We are always glad to new cooperation!